Our Rates
House Engineer Recording Rates $35/hr
Chief Engineer Recording Rates $45/hr
Discount block pricing available at 4 and 10 hours.


Mixing can either be done in the studio by the hour with the client in the studio (or) by a flat rate quoted by mixing engineer without the client in the studio.

Rates are typical but may vary due to the number of tracks as well as the size and length.

Basic Mix

A basic mix will give your music a radio quality sound. This mix will fine-tune your recordings so your vocals and bass sound consistent and crisp anywhere they are played.

$75 with 2 track instrumental

$150 with tracked out instrumental***

Full Mix

A Full mix will add that over the top character to your song. This mix quality will bring out the best in your music by using vocal effects, sound effects, chopping of Instrumental and/or vocals and remixing parts of the song that are a commonly found in the songs that top today's charts. The impact it can make is difficult to understand until you hear the difference it makes in your songs.

$150 with 2 track instrumental

$250 with tracked out instrumental***

***Tracked out Instrumental is each individual sound of the beat; Kick, Clap, Bass, ext. Mixing with the track outs is always highly recommended to get the best possible sound quality.

25% Discount on Mixing & Mastering for Songs Recorded at Nexus Sound Studio *Excludes Additional Mixes

1-3 Songs
4-9 Songs
10-15 Songs
15+ Songs

Additional Mixes
Basic Radio edit
Radio edit with FX (delays & Chops)
TV mixes-For performance
$20/ Song
A Cappella & Instrumental

A deposit of 50% is required in advance in order to start project. The remaining balance is due upon the project completion. Deposits can be made by personal delivery, money order, or by Pay Pal.

Click here to make a deposit via Pay Pal

cd duplication
A Gift Certificate from Nexus Sound Studio makes a perfect unique gift for any aspiring artist.
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